WIP of a game I am making for CompI of MakeGamesSA

Game is created for 4 players each using Xbox or similar remotes.

  • Left Joystick - Movement
  • Grab Left/Right - LB/RB
  • Jump - A(Might be X)
  • Faceplant - B
  • Go To Menu - Escape
  • (Player 1/2 can move using WASD/Arrows)

There are 2 Minigames completed at the moment.

Waterfall and Zen, both of which can be accessed from the main menu.

  • Waterfall

Players gain points by crossing the road.

Currently a player wins when the other players are all dead.

If a player has 0 points, he will not win until scoring at least 1 point.

(Eventually a score limit for winning will also be implemented)

  • Zen

Platforms will change colors every few seconds, either to red or green.

Green means that the platform will be safe, where red means that the platform will disappear.

Players need to move to the appropriate platform in order to stay alive, last alive wins.

When a winner is chosen, the game will return to the main menu. This can also be done by pressing escape.


Kings_PC.zip 10 MB

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