A downloadable game for Windows

Created as a Jam game with the theme Fun. See http://makegamessa.com/discussion/4670/online-even...

Very Janky Ragdoll. Please excuse and use enter to restart when it breaks.

This will work with a controller, but you will need to test out the buttons.

Install instructions

To Play:

Download and Unzip, Run exe


  • On Ferris Wheel
    • Left+Right to spin ferris wheel
    • Space to grab onto/release bench
  • In Air
    • Left+Right to swerve sideways
    • Down to force downwards
    • Space to boost upwards (Limited to 1, regained upon bouncing)
  • At Any Time
    • Enter To Restart
    • Hold left shift -> Slow Mo
  • Game Over
    • Space To Restart


FerrisFun.zip 16 MB


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cool game

cool game

cool game

cool game

cool game